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Bal Sansar Public School

Bal Sansar Public School (BSPS), Ajmer (April-2013-continued):
BSPS aims to provide quality education to the children from 2+years to the senior school level (Pre-school started from April 2013 and Primary classes from July 2014 upon seeking school registration from the government of Rajasthan).

Our pre-school education is the school readiness programme with development of multiple intelligences of children with age appropriate physical and life-skill activities, cognitive training of senses and creativity of children. The Primary school (till 5th standard) is approved by the Govt. of Rajasthan and current session has enrolled 100 kids from the surrounding villages, most of them come from humble background (80 percent parents are engaged in labour with poor paying capacity). We aim to provide them quality education enabling them to claim equal development and growth opportunities in the life.

We need to mobilize resources to develop essential infrastructure for the school and even support our faculty /school operations and hence, we appeal to the people who can afford to spare some of their earnings for these poor children / supporting their education and development (even contributing as minimum as INR 700 per child /per month will support educating a child.

Educating 200 Rural Poor Girls in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India


Bal Sansar Sanstha (BSS) endeavors to provide quality primary education to 200 girls from the rural poor families, most parents are daily wage laborers as well as building school infrastructure (i.e. 6 classrooms, library, 1 computer Lab, 4 toilets for the girls) to provide standard school amenities to these girls in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India, allowing them to postpone their age of marriage, not to get pushed into child-labor, rise out of poverty, providing their families' health & well-being.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?
Big rural urban & gender divide deprives girls; access, retention & quality of education are key concerns. Female literacy rate in Rajasthan 24.44% (1991) 43.9% (2001) 52.66% (2011) far below to national rates & the goal of Education for All. Girls not attending schools regularly, low value given to the girl child, child marriage & child labor prevails. Drop-out rates are high at secondary level, at elementary level 7.06 and at secondary level 31.48 (2010-11).Also, there are resource constraints

How will this project solve this problem?
Bal Sansar Public School (BSPS) ensures community & parent contact/counseling ensuring families give due importance to education of girls; quality of teaching & learning; teacher sensitization; creating girls' friendly school; safe transportation; life-skill program, inclusion of health & hygiene issues; all these will enhance confidence level of girls (their parents as well), ensuring that they stay in school, not pushed in to child marriage/labor & continue their education, leading quality life.

Potential Long Term Impact
The project aims to educate 200 rural poor girls allowing them to postpone their age of marriage, not to get pushed into child labor, rise out of poverty, which will provide for themselves as well as their families' health and well-being. These early investments in the lives of young girls will go a long way impacting the overall quality of their lives while influencing their & family's mind-sets, dreams, aspirations & future potentials.

Funding Information
We seek funds to make this happen; if you believe in promoting girls education, kindly make generous donations by clicking on our donation page. Donating is now even more convenient by clicking on the link: http://www.balsansarindia.org/Donation.aspx

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